An art project in the Garden of Sr Max Fraenkel in Berlin Kladow by the Architect Sarah Riviere, 2017

Art Project: "Stasis in Fraenkel's Garden," © Sarah Riviere

Summer Art in the Landhausgarten Dr. Max Fraenkel

Landhausgarten Dr. Max Fraenkel, Berlin-Kladow, Deutschland

In the summer of 2017 a number of artists were invited to use the former dovecote in the gardens of Dr. Max Fraenkel as a studio for a few weeks. Each artist completed her visit with a weekend exhibition to present the work done in the garden, and to discuss her approach to the garden with interested vistors.

Sarah Riviere's work asks how architecture can create and support communal social space – space that brings with it the potential to resist what she sees as the ongoing loss of positive, social spaces in our cities, and the increasing isolation of many often elderly urban residents.

Atelier in Freankel's Garden by Sarah Rivière from 28th August – 24th September / Exhibition 22nd / 23rd / 24th September



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