Reichenberger Straße 86, 10999 Berlin, June 2017. Photo © Jan Bitter

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Exhibition: 10th March to 18th April 2018, DA! Architecture in und aus Berlin, featuring Sarah Riviere architect's recent project for a six storey residential building with an inhabited vertical garden in Berlin Kreuzberg, at stilwerk, Kantstrasse 17, 10623 Berlin


Sarah Riviere Architect:

For me, architecture is about creating harmonious, dymanic and innovative social space in both urban and non-urban contexts.I aim to set high ecological and social standards on every project, with buildings that are flexible, lively, sustainable, respectful, and responsibly planned and constructed. 

1. future innovative projects

After the successful completion of my most recent large project, a six-storey highly-ecological residential building in Berlin-Kreuzberg, I am looking for unique clients who would like to develop and build new, innovative architectural projects with me. Would you like to realize a construction project that combines strong design with high social, ecological and urban development aims? Do you have an interest in developing and implementing innovative technologies through an architectural project that is designed to benefit local people and the wider environment? Are you interested in creating vibrant, flexible, sustainable spaces that promote new ways of living? In cooperation with clients, consultants, local authorities and construction companies I design and build projects that balance human, environmental, and budget requirements in unique architectural solutions.

2. improving urban space and local ecologies 

The recently completed project in Berlin-Kreuzberg brings one of the largest inhabitable green walls - 200 square metres in size - to Berlin. The new residential building includes eight flats with box-balconies where residents can stand within their own vertical garden above the street. In this project the challenge lay in integrating the latest green "living wall" technology into a façade with 8 balconies and 20 windows. Here architecture, urban planning, ecology, structural engineering and fire protection were successfully brought together in one design. This building has been selected for exhibition at DA! Architecture in und aus Berlin organised by the Berlin Chamber of Architects in Spring 2018.

3. enable debate and dialogue through art, architecture and architectural theory
This website gathers my work in the areas of architecture, art, and architectural theory into one location.

Model photo showing the corner solution and communal terrace in the new-build on the corner of Reichenberger Straße 86 in Berlin

Model photo showing the corner solution and communal terrace in the new-build on the corner of Reichenberger Straße 86 in Berlin. Photo © Sarah Riviere

Elevations of the new six storey residential building in Reichenberger Straße 86 in Berlin © Sarah Riviere