Sarah Riviere architect is an activist for change in the future of residential living.


Dr. Sarah Riviere is an architect and activist working passionately for change in the design of social space. Dr. Riviere holds a Ph.D. in Architectural Design from the Bartlett, University College London. She has extensive international experience in design, research, teaching, and publishing.

NEWS:  Dream - Play - Challenge. The Future of Residential Living

The international symposium, Dream – Play – Challenge, the Future of Residential Living, brought together a global cross-section of researchers and practitioners to face up to contemporary concerns on residential living. In its ground-breaking work for change, the Dream – Play – Challenge Project has been described by Professor Jane Rendell, Director of Architectural Research at the Bartlett, UCL, as re-imagining “the kinds of work – political activism, policy, advocacy, and access – which animated feminist architecture in the 1970s” (Rendell, 2022).

Our new publication is an anthology of the conversations and presentations from the DPC symposium: "The Dream – Play – Challenge Project. Facing up to the Crisis in Residential Living," Wiltrud Simbürger and Sarah Riviere [Eds.], 2023. More details here: "The Dream – Play – Challenge Project. Facing up to the Crisis in Residential Living"and DOWNLOAD here




Latest News:

Published January, 2023, "The Dream - Play - Challenge Project: Facing up the the Crisis in Residential Living". More information on Facebook or Insta.

Sarah Riviere Architect. Ecological Urban Repair in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

Improving urban space and local ecologies

Sarah Riviere architect's completed new-build project in Berlin-Kreuzberg brings one of the largest inhabitable green walls - 200 square metres in size - to Berlin. The new residential building with twelve apartments and a ground floor café, also includes eight flats with box-balconies where residents can stand within their own vertical garden above the street. In this project the challenge lay in integrating the latest green "living wall" technology into an urban façade with 8 balconies and 20 windows. Here ecological design and construction, urban planning for the neighbourhood, sustainable structural engineering and fire protection were successfully brought together in one design. The building was selected for the BDA Prize 2021, and for exhibition at DA! Architecture in und aus Berlin organised by the Berlin Chamber of Architects. More information here...

Reichenberger Str. 86a, 10999 Berlin-Xberg. Photograph © Jan Bitter, June 2017

The Survival Lounge and Berliner Architekt*innen: Oral History at the TU Berlin 

Sarah Riviere architect's recent seminars at the TU Berlin include the Survival Lounge according to Sara Ahmed, and the Berliner Architekt*innen: Oral History Project. Both were generously supported by the Berlin Chamber of Architects and were exhibited in the [FRAU] ARCHITEKT*IN exhibition, June - July 2021. The three recent publications from these seminars can be accessed online here:
- Building the Survival Lounge
- Inhabiting the Survival Lounge
- Berliner Architekt*innen: Oral History 

The Survival Lounge Project by Sarah Riviere and Hermann Schlimme at the TU Berlin focussed on intersectional feminist design and construction.