Stop Motion Animation, the House at 835 Kings Road, West Hollywood

Detail of cast "slab-tilt" concrete set construction © Sarah Riviere

A House for Cooperative Living

Stop Motion Film Project by Sarah Rivière

Re-animating Stasis at 835 Kings Road : Located Kindred Confrontations in the Co-operative Dwelling.

This stop motion animation is filmed using four puppets based on the original residents of the house at 835 Kings Road. The set consists of sections of the house at a scale of 1:6. The film shows animations of conflictual exchanges at the house and highlights the social history of the design and original inhabitation of the house at Kings Road.

It sets the four participants to this cooperative design onto an equal level, in an approach which clearly revels the range of powerful cultural and social forces that impinged on the original cooperative ambition. An ambition which, in reality, dramatically failed. The stop-motion animation enables the playing out of repeating, shifting trajectories of conflict between the four inhabitants and their house.



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