Intersectional Feminist Space can only be created through Intersectional Feminist Process, Building the Survival Lounge. The Design-Build Workshop, Summer 2020

Building the Survival Lounge

The “Building the Survival Lounge” publication documents the intersectional feminist process set up in the workshops of the TU Berlin, and taught by Sarah Rivière, Hermann Schlimme and Helle Schröder.
This publication describes the design process creating an intersectional feminist Survival Lounge (after Sara Ahmed). The Survival Lounge seminar series was set up at the Chair of History of Architecture and Urbanism (FGBSG, Professor Hermann Schlimme) as an opportunity for students to design, build and inhabit their own Survival Lounge as a real and much-needed space of intersectional feminist exchange.
The full publication is available from the fg.bsg at the TU Berlin. An online version will follow.

Building the Survival Lounge inspired by the Survival Library. Design-Build Workshop, Summer 2020

Teaching took place in spaces – both digital and analogue – designed to give students a grounding in the theory of intersectional feminism and the practice of feminist participative teamwork. This was achieved by combining the development of common ground for teamwork with individual assignments through which each student developed their individual feminist position. Referencing Kimberlé Crenshaw’s concept of intersectionality, we recognize that each of us lives with a unique set of intersecting discriminations. Students found their voices to express their own feminist stance. Voice here is not always acoustic – it can also be through other media.

How to reference this publication: Kirtak, T., Rivière, S., Schlimme, H., Building the Survival Lounge. (Fachgebiet Bau- und Stadtbaugeschichte, Technische Universität Berlin, 2021)

Audre Lourde, A Burst of Light, at the Building the Survival Lounge workshop

Setting up the Prototype Survival Space, Building the Survival Lounge, Summer 2020

Finalising the Finish on the Columns, Building the Survival Lounge, Summer 2020