Student Feedback on the seminar: Designing the Survival Lounge, July 2020


Designing the Survival Lounge, an intersectional feminist design project.

The Survival Lounge project is a series of seminars focusing on the design, construction, and inhabitation of an intersectional feminist Survival Lounge inspired by Sara Ahmed’s book ‘Living a Feminist Life’. It is a Survival Lounge dedicated to the voices of the unheard, created by students at the Technical University of Berlin.

In this book you will read about the history behind its creation and learn about the whole design process. It tells the story of a group of people who worked collectively to design a Survival Lounge for their fellow students during a digital summer semester in 2020. It also gives an insight into the practical experience of an intersectional feminist design process. "Despite being physically separated, each behind a screen and in the middle of a pandemic, we united all our voices in this project, together more than ever."

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Stephens Dupeyron, student collages, from the Publikation Designing the Survival Lounge, July 2020

Student co-authors of the publication 

Mohammad Allan, Natasha Nurul AnnisaSeyedehkosar Asghari, Serdar Ayvaz, Ilayda BirgülMerlina Stephans DupeyronNeside Sevinc Durgut, Eda Özge Düzgün, Felita Felita, Galina Grinberg, Emmanouil Martakos Galiatsatos, Sena Gür, Christine Hartl, Jakob Michael Holtz, Rowaa Ibrahim, Gabriel Paul Jacobs, Ekaterina KropachevaTildem Kirtak, Antonia Maria Leicht, Iryna Myronchuk, Elise-Phuong Ha Nguyen, Sofia Andrea Orellana, Neo Mara Räther, Miranda Rigby, Santiago Sanchez, Nikita Ashleigh Schweizer, Laura Schwarzenberger, Neele Sofie Thrän, Rima Ubeid, Leoni Weyrauch, Greta Wörmann, Veronika Zaripova

How to reference this publication: Students of the FG-BSG with Rivière, S., Schlimme, H., Designing the Survival Lounge. (Fachgebiet Bau- und Stadtbaugeschichte, Technische Universität Berlin, 2020)

Digital Summer Semester 2020 / ISBN 978-3-9822233-3-9