The Dream - Play - Challenge Project

The Dream - Play - Challenge Project: Facing up to the Crisis in Residential Living, Simbürger & Riviere [eds.], 2023.

The Dream - Play - Challenge Project : Facing up to the Crisis in Residential Living


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The DREAM – PLAY – CHALLENGE : The Future of Residential Living symposium was hosted by the Nordic Embassies in Berlin as part of the WOMEN IN ARCHITECTURE festival, WIA-Berlin, 2021. This international symposium was unique in bringing together a global cross-section of researchers and practitioners to face up to the escalating crisis in residential living. The publication gives access to the inspiring, challenging and motivating conversations and presentations of those two extraordinary days.

The Dream – Play – Challenge project has been described by Jane Rendell, Director of Architectural Research at the Bartlett, University College, London, as re-imagining “the kinds of work – political activism, policy, advocacy, and access – which animated feminist architecture in the 1970s” in a new way (Rendell, 2022).

Dream Play Challenge Table of Contents

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The editors, Wiltrud Simbürger and Sarah Riviere write:

"Residential living is in crisis. Our construction industry seems held hostage, rigidly trapped in structures of short-term financial gain, and unable – or unwilling – to respond to the necessity of addressing much-needed change.

As a result, today’s built environment is failing both the communities and the individuals that it purports to serve. Demands for homes that can support the diverse constellations in which people wish to dwell, as well as the individual lives we wish to lead, echo in the hollow space of late capitalism.
A home, a community, and a dream are human rights: to have a roof over one's head and to share common ground with others are necessities for a grounded life from which dreams can be launched.

The DREAM – PLAY – CHALLENGE project seeks to respond to these desires. By setting up opportunities for equitable creative exchange that go beyond traditional academic discourse, it aims to become a space where concerned stakeholders can dream together into future ways of residing, playfully developing processes of co-creating a more fair and vibrant built environment, and challenging the industry to get on board."

Dream Play Challenge Table of Contents

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Simbürger, W. and Riviere, S. (Eds.) (2023). The Dream Play Challenge Project. Facing up to the Crisis in Residential Living. Hamburg and Berlin: Simbürger Riviere

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