Sarah Rivière , Keynote speaker, DAM Frankfurt, 2018

Sarah Rivière

Sarah Rivière is a German / British architect and architectural researcher based in Berlin. Her office works closely with clients, consultants, local authorities, and construction firms to create individual buildings specifically designed for the needs and wishes of local people, the wider environment, and for flexible long-term future use. This approach aims to combine socially responsible architecture with ecological generosity.

Following a first degree in Physics, Sarah studied architecture at the University of Westminster and at the Bartlett in London. She has worked in a number of internationally respected architectural firms in Germany, England and the USA, and currently teaches at the Technical University in Berlin, alongside running her Berlin office. Her office recently completed a six storey residential building with a vertical garden in the form of a green “living wall” in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

Sarah Riviere’s theoretical research on stasis as a potentially generative state of confrontation between kindred elements links to current international discourse in both architecture and architectural theory. She was recently invited to  take part in the international exhibition WORKS+WORDS 2019, the 2nd Biennale for contemporary European artistic research in architecture, and has previously contributed an article on her work on stasis to TU Delft’s Footprint Journal special issue on “Spaces of Conflict” edited by Marc Schoonderbeek and Malkit Shoshan.



Latest News:

I am pleased to be taking part in WORKS+WORDS 2019, the 2nd Biennale for Artistic Research in Architecture at KADK which presents contemporary European artistic research in architecture produced between 2015 and 2019.

Publications, Lectures


Lecture: “Film as a Design Tool,” Technische Universität Berlin, Institut für Stadt- und Regionalplanung, Professor Luise King


Publication: “Urbs Medusa: Perseus in the Contemporary City,” in The Matrix - An Urban Design Project, TU Berlin, Institut für Stadt- und Regionalplanung (Eds: Sarah Rivière und Robert Slinger)


Article: “Some Certain Distances,” in [Shift] CITY, TU Berlin, Institut für Stadt- und Regionalplanung


Lecture: “Stasis: A Brief Halt in the Endless March of Humanity,” Professor Susanne Hauser’s colloquium, Universität der Künste, Berlin 


Lecture: “Sedition, Stance and Structures of Rhetoric: Stasis is Not Static,” 10th Annual AHRA Research Symposium: Facts and Fictions, Professor Lars-Henrik Ståhl, Department of Architecture and Built Environment, Lund University, Sweden 


Lecture: “Stasis: Dynamic Locus,” Professor Susanne Hauser’s colloquium, Universität der Künste, Berlin


Lecture: "Designing stasis: the generative space of confrontation between kindred elements," Bartlett School of Architecture and Urban Planning, University College London, England


Article: "Stasis, Charging the Space of Change" in Shoshan, M.; Schoonderbeek, Mark. (Eds): Footprint #19: Spaces of Conflict, Jap Sam Books, Delft


Lecture: “Dämmung ≠ Dämmung [durch Living-Wall Technologie]” at ELEMENTE materialForum, Am Tempelhofer Berg 6, Berlin-Kreuzberg, Germany


Project article: “Wohnhaus mit Gartenfassade in Berlin-Kreuzberg” in “Architektur Berlin,” by the Berlin Chamber of Architects

Exhibitions, Awards, Artworks in Collections

1997 - 1998 Architecture stipend, RIBA, London, England

Award, Künstlerförderung der Investitions Bank Berlin, commission for two photographic works for the  IBB collection Berlin


Award, Künstlerförderung der Investitions Bank Berlin, commission for a further photographic work for the IBB collection Berlin


Commission (photographic) for Family Rabenstein, Berlin, Germany


Commission (photographic) for the pianist Cordula Heiland, Berlin, Germany


Group exhibition: ArtCubicle, Galerie Mathias Kampl, Auguststraße 35, 10119 Berlin: Artfrankfurt & ART FORUM Berlin (photography)


Group exhibition: “Zeitgenössisch! Kunst in Berlin,” KPM Gelände, Wegelystraße 1, ART FORUM Berlin (photography)


Group exhibition: Artefact “Stasis Animated” in the exhibition Skizzieren, Zeichnen, Skripten, Modellieren, Artefakte des Entwerfens und ihre Wissenspraktiken, TU Berlin, Germany by the Netzwerk Architekturwissenschaft e.V. in cooperation with the Architecture Museum of the TU Berlin and the University Archive of the UdK Berlin


Solo Exhibition: “Stasis im Fraenkelgarten,” Landhausgarten Dr. Max Fraenkel, Berlin Kladow


Group Exhibition: “Wohnhaus mit Gartenfassade in Berlin-Kreuzberg” in the exhibition da! Architecture in und aus Berlin, by the Architektenkammer Berlin. March  – April 2018 in stilwerk Berlin


Group Exhibition: “Stasis articulated in the conflictual cooperative dwelling" in the exhibition WORKS & WORDS, at KADK Copenhagen. November 2019 - January 2020