WIA-Berlin 2021 Festival

WIA-Berlin 2021: the Festival for Women in Architecture

The WIA festival context highlighted the multiple, glorious and diverse number of female role models within the built environment industry as a whole. As part of the festival, parallel projects including the intersectional feminist Survival Lounge and the Berliner Architekt*innen: Oral History publication from the TU Berlin addressed questions of feminist process within the university and in every day architectural practice.

The international symposium Dream - Play - Challenge: the Future of Residential Living took place in Summer 2021 as part of the WIA festival. While discussions on the future of residential architecture often take place in closed circles of industry expertise, here, thanks to the context of the 2021 Women in Architecture Berlin Festival, the symposium was able to open its doors to a wider public. We were able to reach out to the academic and practicing architectural profession and beyond, inviting a wider interested public to become part of a conversation.




Latest News:

Published January, 2023, "The Dream - Play - Challenge Project: Facing up the the Crisis in Residential Living". More information on Facebook or Insta.

WIA-Berlin 2021. The Dream - Play - Challenge international symposium. Summer 2021

WIA-Berlin 2021 BDA Architektinnen Exhibition

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